Issue 143 | 05/16/2019
What's new with the GraphQL community?

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An in-depth article gives an overview of the current state of GraphQL, recent trends, and a prediction for the most relevant topics in GraphQL in 2019 and the near future. The article highlights the new services and tooling the GraphQL community has developed and provides links to all the resources and events mentioned.
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Check out Hasura’s 2 hour GraphQL Tutorial series on what GraphQL is and how to integrate GraphQL APIs with different web/mobile frameworks. They currently have tutorials using React, Vue, iOS, Hasura, and many more coming soon. The tutorials take you step by step from setting up a GraphQL client with Apollo to creating subscriptions and receiving realtime data.
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Stay tuned for the release of Honeypot.io’s “GraphQL: The Documentary” on June 24th! Explore the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the impact it’s having on big tech companies worldwide with Lee Byron, Nick Schrock, Dan Schafer, and many more.
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This is a 5 part video series introducing GraphQL Nexus and how to fully implement it. Part 1 goes over using GraphQL Nexus with Prisma and Apollo to create a GraphQL server. Cory McAboy does a great job explaining the library and what additional plugins can help add value to your GraphQL development life cycle.
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A collection of GraphQL Asia talks that happened over the past week. Companies such as Airbnb spoke about the challenges of adopting GraphQL while others featured live demos of new tooling.
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A blast from the past! Check out this photo from the Facebook HQ in the early days of GraphQL's creation.
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